Why Guardian Gel®?


Guardian Gel has a long history of research beginning before HIV/AIDS was uncovered and made public in the 1980s.  Our early team received a grant of approximately $50 million in 2014 values from a major US charitable foundation.  The son of the foundation’s president had contracted an STD* that could not be cured, nor could its debilitating side effects be mitigated. The foundation president came to our research team and asked us to find a solution to STDs.  Our team did it.

The gel was created to have even more attributes than the foundation benefactors requested.  Our talented researchers, microbiologists, pathologists and medical doctors developed a safe and effective gel that is a chemical barrier to STDs and is also a spermicidal contraceptive administered with a single-use applicator that is inserted vaginally by women prior to intercourse.  We have continued to change and improve its formulation which has shown impressive results in all of our clinical testing both as a microbicide and as a spermicide.

Now, with the use of Guardian Gel, women are empowered to discreetly protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies and most STDs. The goal is complete. Together, couples can celebrate a wholesome life and family planning.

Guardian Gel is clear and has no taste or smell.  It is designed to be used any time, even if a man will not, or does not, wear a condom.  If a man has an STD, when the gel is used properly, the woman receives protection against contracting the STD.  Conversely, if a woman has an STD, when she properly uses Guardian Gel, her healthy male partner receives protection.  Nevertheless, condoms or other means of protection are always recommended in conjunction with Guardian Gel to further help reduce the risk.  Unfortunately, often circumstances do not allow for the use of condoms.  This is where use of the gel is paramount.

For STDs such as herpes, gonorrhea and chlamydia, we have shown statistical excellence in curbing these infections in several major in-vivo (human) clinical trials.  Our team continues to work on proving the gel’s effective use for HIV prevention and has conducted some  small-scale in-vivo studies. All in-vitro (laboratory tests) have been impressive.

Our clinical team, headed in recent years by Dr. Steve Mayer, is making tremendous progress on this research including documenting therapeutic benefits to women who use the gel on a regular basis.  We expect to soon publish this material in a major international medical journal.

Guardian Gel Product Design Characteristics

Efficacy (primary)

Effectiveness against common sexually transmitted infections

Efficacy (secondary)

Spermicidal; prevention of pregnancy, effective lubrication and hygienic properties


Not inflammatory to vaginal or rectal tissue, no deleterious effect on normal vaginal flora, safe for use during pregnancy, and little or no systemic absorption

Duration of Action

Product may be safely applied several hours before intercourse


With condoms, cervical barriers, and seminal/vaginal secretions

User Friendly

Readily accessible, simple and easy to apply; no color or odor, tasteless, does not stain and is easily cleaned up


Readily available raw materials and cost-effective mass production capability for microbicide gel and applicators


Allows for affordable pricing in developing-nation economies while delivering acceptable gross profit margin.

Manufacturing and Distribution

Guardian Gel® is currently produced and packaged exclusively for the Company in the United States of America by qualified third-party producers. The product is available for export only in pre-packaged palletized cartons or bulk gel containers. Manufacturing capability to serve product demands for the foreseeable future is in place. Additional capacity to serve the potential annual global market of billions of units is readily developable.

*“STD” stands for “sexually transmitted disease”—also referred to as a “sexually transmitted infection” or “STI”)